This page is dedicated to the memory of Karen Fromer Blanc, my mother and the author of the memorable autobiographical novel, DEAR HILDA.  While encountering many brick walls in my attempts to revive publication of her book, I decided to adapt screenplay so I could fight a two-front campaign.  The script was a finalist in Beverly Hills International Film Festival.  I met with a celebrity who read the script and expressed possible interest in playing the lead.  We will see what happens.  Here is the logline and synopsis.


When a nun goes insane, Karen’s quest for answers takes her from a Nebraska convent, to the South Bronx, to the world of the supernatural. 


Karen has visions.  It could be an empathic link with an animal, or an inner voice giving her commands, or an orange-robed saint who reveals to Karen her past lives.  Sister Jennifer initiates Karen into the world of mysticism and becomes her role model.  All Karen wants is to become a nun like Sister Jennifer.  But when Sister Jennifer has a nervous breakdown and their convent does a cover-up, Karen goes on a quest for answers.

 Did mysticism make Sister Jennifer sick?  Karen moves from the sheltered dogma of her Midwest convent to the Ivy League of New York to study with the best minds in religious psychiatry.  Becoming even more confused, she joins the drop-out culture of the hippies, artists, and radical thinkers. 

 As Karen’s search deepens, she realizes that the answer lies in service to those who need it most.  She becomes a social worker in the South Bronx, witnessing the life and death struggle of those whom society has written off.  As Karen enters the heart of this struggle, her search leads her face to face with both God and the Devil.

For updates on DEAR HILDA, both the book and the movie, please feel free to check this page.


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