brief history of the script

In 1990, while in college at the age of 19, I joined the New York Alliance of Guardian Angels in New York City.  I saw action, made drug busts, and eventually obtained the rank of Patrol Leader.  I also got stabbed in the head and returned back to patrol the next week. I was active at the time the group's founder, Curtis Sliwa, was shot.  I left in 1992 to finish college.


I kept a journal during that time and had plans to some day write a novel.  1995, chapters from that novel were read by the faculty at Columbia University when I was in their Masters program.


In 2007, the novel began to manifest into a film script.  Actors were cast in a public staged reading that was performed in New York. 


I marketed the script on screenwriting websites until I drew the attention of  a Vancouver based production company.  I received an offer but the offer was not acceptable.  Instead, based on my script, I was hired by that same company to develop three more scripts.


In 2009, I entered the script in various competitions.  The script was a finalist in 2 festivals.  In 2010 and 2015, I visited Los Angeles to actively market my script. 


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