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I have written several scripts for film, stage, and television.  In addition, I have a published poetry book and two novels on the back burner.  In the nonfiction realm, I have written articles on politics and martial arts and have constructed websites.  Please check here for info on my projects.  Here are some of my links:



The independent film I wrote/poduced/directedand starred in



My collaborative vision of a Utopian future and the roadmap of how to get there



My unique system of martial arts developed from my many years in the protecttion of others



My all-welcoming forum for a solution oriented approach for solving problems related to race



My blog for everrything White Eyebrow and MATE, Inc related

My blog for all of my writings in genrral




Coming soon.  My online book of poetry, "Cry of the Wesern World and other Poems"




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