In my lifetime, I have never seen a period where this country has been more divided by race.  Ideally, law enforcement officers should be seen as protectors, not oppressors.  As an ex-cop, I found this problem personally troubling so I built my website, RaceIssues.Org, a forum for people to express their views and grievances regarding this volatile subject in a respectful manner and hopefully brainstorm some solutions.

One solution I propose in my section on The Quota System is an alliance between NYPD's police union, the PBA, and civil rights activist leaders.  The COMMON GROUND would be the effective enforcement of anti-quota legislation that is already in existence.  This is a Win-Win solution because both sides want the same outcome and neither side has to make a SINGLE CONCESSION.  In my opinion, the only thing preventing this alliance would be individual personality conflcits.

For a further explaination of my views plus the opportunity to respectfully argue against my views, please visit RaceIssues.Org.  This site is temporarily closed due to funding issues.



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