Is war ever winnable? White Eyebrow and the Destruction of Shaolin by David Blanc addresses this issue. The play centers around a conflict between two groups of people. The Manchu, led by their Machiavellian Emperor and his devious Concubine, and the Shaolin, a group of Buddhist monks trained in kung fu to a high level of mastery. They disagree with the Manchu, or Ching Dynasty, but are hesitant to oppose them as they are dedicated to living life in peace and do not want the Chinese populace to be caught in the crossfire. However, with the deaths of women and children by the hands of the Manchu, the Shaolin monks find themselves in conflict with each other. They debate over whether to engage in a war with the Manchu or to try and negotiate a compromise in the hope that they will cease their senseless killing. What will the Shaolin do? Does a war to sustain peace ever work?


Hello this page is dedicated to my stage play about the Shaolin monks, a must for those who love kung fu action.

White Eyebrow and the Destruction of Shaolin by David Blanc, was performed by M.A.T.E., inc. at the Shetler Theater, The Looking Glass Theater, and The Chinese Community Cultural Center from March 2004 to October 2004. It was reviewed by WORLD JOURNAL and SING TAO and received official recognition from the Chinese Businessmen’s Association.

The fight scenes were extraordinary, especially for the stage. This began a tradition of extraordinary fight scenes from M.A.T.E., Inc. members that set them apart from other companies.

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